Feel free to send us feedback, enquires or just “shout-outs” by making use of the FPC form. Applicants (for potential membership) are advised to carefully read the criteria. Please make sure to provide us with all necessary documentation. To read more about our criteria and how to apply please follow the link.

FPC Membership Application

FPC Membership

Field Photography Collective is a constantly growing community of likeminded professionals. FPC was created to give its members and their stories the visibility they deserve. We consider our members to be at the core of the platform and the main providers of all the published content. In short - we want to showcase your photos, work, stories and experience from the field!

Membership & Criteria

In order for FPC to be able to publish your work on the FPC website all photos must be taken by you and you must have the right to publish them. By submitting content, the author agrees for FPC to potentially publish and disseminate the material.

FPC reserves the right to review and edit all submitted content. Content of pornographic or defamatory nature will not be considered for the purpose of the platform. FPC further reserves the right to erase any content on our website or flag content on social media outlets if deemed inappropriate.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We welcome and encourage applications from professionals who share a common love for photography.

To be eligible you have to fulfil three basic criteria: (1) experience from working in peace, security, and development; (2) a sincere interest in documenting your work as an aspiring photographer; and (3) have a desire to show your work and inspire others.

We currently run the platform on a voluntary basis. Hence, there are currently no costs involved.

For Applicants

All applications are handled only through our contact form on the FPC contact page. When applying, choose “Membership Application” under “Subject”. Please provide us with the following:

  • Short resume of previous work in peace, security, development or related field. Between 500-1000 characters.
  • For the purpose of a short photo essay - no more than ten (10) photos in .jpeg format (width 1200 px, 300 ppi).
  • Short story about the context. No more than 1000 characters.
  • Short explanatory text to the photos.

As an FPC member you get the following:

  • The possibility to publish photo essays from the field on the FPC website.
  • A venue to showcase your photography and professional profile.
  • The possibility to participate with your work FPC exhibitions and events.
  • The possibility to print your work at favorable prices.
  • Access to the FPC exclusive member forum.
  • The possibility to grow as a photographer with the support of a collective.

Terminating Membership

Membership can be terminated or suspended at any time by the member in writing. A terminated membership implies that all submitted content as well as membership profile page will be removed from the website. Please note that content on social media may remain. Former members are welcome to re-join the FPC at any time. However, previously published content will not be considered for publication. FPC reserves the right to terminate or suspend a membership at any point in time.

Your attachments should be in a word format. Pictures should not be transferred via our contact form.

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