Women reconstructing a country

Nested in the Caucasus, Georgia is a country of marvelous wonders. It is said that God reserved the land for himself and only gave it to the Georgians once he observed their hospitality.

In 1992 and in 2008, Georgia experienced two short yet intensive wars. The province of South Ossetia in the north and Abkhazia in the west made claims for statehood which plunged the country into armed conflicts - the effects of which are felt to date.

Georgia is still on a path of economic, social and political recovery. Women are particularly affected and have enjoyed limited possibilities to participate in the recovery of the country. This is especially true for those displaced following the conflicts and living in rural areas.

The photos are snapshots of women from across Georgia and attest not only to the living conditions but also the importance of equal participation in reconstructing society.

The photos are a selection from the essay series called "Georgia - Notes from a Frozen Conflict". The essays can be found on my website ( This particular set was chosen by the European Union Monitoring Mission’s Field Office in Mtskheta to be the subject of an exhibition on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2019.

Photo Essay by: Fallckolm Cuenca


The photos were taken while working as a Human Security Monitor for the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) in Georgia between 2017-2018.

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